Alternative Health & Psychic Fair

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Fairs are regularly held on first Saturday of every month.

Saturday, August 1, 2015
1625 W Loop, La Quinta Inn – Galleria

10am – 5pm

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Astrology Reports


All reports $15 as PDF files to your email address or $25 each printed and mailed to you as a hard copy.

Download sample PDFs here Free Sample Astrology Reports

To order, email marvamason@mindspring.com


The Sky Within
Heaven Knows What


Child Star
Asteroid Report
Just for Women


Friends & Lovers


Lunar Returns
Solar Returns


Four Pillars
Pillars Analysis
Tzu Wei Analysis
Lifetime Fate Map
Lifetime Fate Cycle


Lifetime Report


Can be any two people’s relationship, using the Birth, Karma and Planetary Ruling Cards. Report describes the 5-7 most important connections between two people.


Paddy McAllister

Cutting edge Energy Medicine technology and nutrition/weightloss


Adriana (Lightworker)

Electro Magnetic Products – shields, protectors, wands, harmonizers;

Nutrition books, etc.


Psychic Lai

will be available for readings on Saturday, August 1, 2015.


Julie Parker Hagen

Chinese Face Reading  –  Julie Parker has been studying nutrition and alternative healing for over 30 years and was recently introduced to Chinese Face Reading and Hidden Symmetry. Julie combines her knowledge and skills to help people understand themselves on a deeper level so they can thrive in their personal life – from a place of love and acceptance vs judgement and condemnation. Julie studies and trains with Jean Haner, Hay House author of The Wisdom of Your Face, The Wisdom of Your Childs Face, and Your Hidden Symmetry.

Face Reading – Discover your life’s purpose – What is Face Reading?
Face Reading is an ancient branch of Chinese medicine, originally used as a diagnostic tool for physical conditions in the body, but which also found to give insight into the personality traits of an individual. It provides clues regarding an individual’s personality patterns, their inherent strengths as well as weaknesses, where they will excel and where they might face challenges.

Each individual is born with their own personal blueprint that can be seen in the features on their face. The secrets of your inner nature and your own potential are beautifully, and perfectly inscribed in the features and lines of your face (curve of your cheeks, shape of your eyes, contour of your brows, etc.) all revealing important information regarding the pattern and individuality of your original design.

What is Your Hidden Symmetry?
These same patterns that can be read on the face were also discovered to be present in nature, and the ancient scholars recognized that these same patterns express themselves in cycles through time. On the day you were born, the energies present at that time also have influence on your own personal expression in the world. In other words, on the day you were born, you were imprinted with your own unique inner design. (Note: this system, also known as the 9 Star Ki, is very different from Western astrology, Chinese astrology, or numerology)

This information is incredibly valuable and can be used to discover more about your personality, the themes running through your life experience, and can help you to ‘go with the low’ vs resisting the current flow of your life!

Examples of areas that this information can be used:
• Online dating (choosing someone compatible with your personality and lifestyle vs choosing by attractiveness or success/accomplishments)
• Choosing a job/employer/employee/ co-worker, the right person for a particular job
• More efficient ways to interact/relate with friends, co-workers, family, neighbors, and currently challenging situations with people in your life (personally or professionally)
• Personal discovery of your own nature for self- improvement, so you can get past challenges that keep you blocked or stuck, and allow you to discover yourself on a level that is both empowering an affirming.


Kim FunkKimFunk-color

Intuitive Consultant, Psychic Medium, empath, Reiki Master Practitioner, Animal communicator, Shaman – Kim has been studying and practicing Medical Intuition for several years.  Her mom taught her psychic development through games when she was very young and has been on this path ever since.   For over 40 years, her intuition has guided her.   She studied under James van Praagh (mediumship, soul reading, psychic techniques), Doreen Virtue (mediumship), Laura Alden Kamm (medical intuition) and has a wealth of experience, knowledge, and insights to draw from to assist her clients. When giving messages, Kim’s natural abilities assist her in receiving insight into a person’s life situations and relationships, and she scans a person’s body for physical issues using medical intuitive skills.  Connecting with deceased loved ones beings comfort to those who are missing them.  She also brings messages from your spirit guides.


Nina AlexandriaNina Alexandria

I am a Psychic Medium, Empath, Clairvoyant, and Energy worker. I use my abilities to receive answers, visions, images, and messages from the client’s higher self, spirit guides, and the universe. I also communicate with the departed, as well as the energies of the client, to relay information about the client’s past, present, and future of different situations in life. I can also read the energies of items, and can analyze and clear up confusion surrounding events and situations both known and unknown to the client. I was born and raised in Spring Texas, and started seeing the auras and energies of people as a small child.



Ann has been reading all of her life. Her goal is to provide you with solutions to life’s challenges. An inspirational reader, she believes that a reading should help you feel complete. Ann specializes in helping people find their pathway.

Whether it is love, school, career, sexuality, or spirituality, she can assist you. There is no end to the pathways she can help you with. A medium, as well as a psychic, she foretells future events and connects to crossed-over loved ones.

Ann developed her abilities through meditation, prayer, and by attending “The International School of Clairvoyance”. She has been personally trained by Debra Katz.


Trevor Sager –


Trevor recently relocated to Houston from Cape Town, South Africa and has set up a Therapeutic Reflexology practice in Bellaire.  He was certified by the South African Institute of Reflexology in 1987 and registered as a Therapeutic Reflexologist by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa. Trevor is also a full professional member of the Reflexology Association of America and the South African Reflexology Association.  He was certified by the South African Ayurvedic Medicine Association and registered as a practitioner by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Trevor is also an Acupressure or Body Reflexology therapist.  He graduated from the University of Natal with a BCom degree (business science).  Trevor has been intimately involved in the health and fitness industries and is a certified Body Conditioning Instructor. He was one of the pioneering instructors of aerobics in South Africa. Trevor has been practicing Reflexology for 27 years and August 2014, opened a Therapeutic Reflexology practice on West Loop South in Bellaire. It is from here that he strives to achieve his primary goal of dispensing well being.



Fourth generation intuitive psychic medium, Timitha lives and works in Dallas, Texas where she is completing her degrees in psychology and education. She provides psychic insight which helps her client intuitively see their own answers more clearly, thus connecting with their higher self. “My work in a calling really,” she shares. ” I see my work as a service to others.”  Timitha will be available for private readings and  mediumship – the ability to connect psychically with loved ones who have crossed over. Space is limited so please make appointments ahead of time. Being clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient allows Timitha not only to see descriptive images, scenes and visions, but also hear conversations well enough to provide clear communication, messages, and validation from loved ones (such as those taken quickly in a tragic accident).

Based in Dallas, Timitha connects people with their loved ones in the US and other parts of the world. She has been featured on television and radio. Timitha is also a channel and gifted card reader, a gift handed down in her family for generations.



Tarot cards, Kinestetic Intuitive (which is tapping into you by touch) angel cards, Love Cards and Cards of Destiny –  Lexie started her readings over 15 years ago with studies of the Cards of Destiny with Robert Camp, which show our cycles, relationships, etc. The Cards of Destiny is a very insightful probe into our psyche and cycles of life, from birth to end of life.

Lexie  specializes in Energy Clearing (Limpia,) which removes Negative Energy from a Person or their Home. Limpia, not to   be confused with Feng Shui,  is a  Ancient Spiritual Healing Practice passed down by the Curandero (Traditional Native Healer or Shaman.) Gifted as  a  Kinesthetic Intuitive using Tapping (EFT) into you by Touch or Pranic Healing  to help diffuse Triggers if you feel stuck in a recurring emotion or pattern. Lex also reads  Angel, Love or Animal  Cards to help guide you to make wiser choices by giving you an overview of what is currently showing up energetically on your Life Path. Lex  is  a 4th Generation, Prophetic Dreamer, Healer and Spiritual Teacher and  Certified Oneness Blessing Giver.  Her Great-Grandmother and her sister were Curandero during the turn of the Century, and her mother is a Reiki Master,  so  she was raised in the Holistic Community and a Martial Arts Culture.  Lex started reading cards over 15 years ago with studies of the Cards of Destiny with Robert Camp, the origin of the ancient wisdom of the Three Wise Men, also known as the  Art of the Magi, now the  most common and popular 52 French playing cards (jeu de cartes) used today. The Cards of Destiny are a very insightful probe into our psych and cycles of life, from birth to end of life.


chuck murphyChuck Murphy

Psychic and Intuitive readings — From Dallas, Founder of The Spiritual Fitness Center, Author of the “ZERO To Psychic” Development Course, Sr. Minister at Spiritual Journeys of Richardson, and a Veteran of over 6000 Psychic and Medium-ship Sessions … Chuck has over 16 years of experience teaching others to Live in The Flow of Divine Providence and Experience the Love and Guidance of Spirit, those who have crossed and your Angels and Guides … My Goal is to help you realize the true Beauty of your Life and your Unique Place in this Universe.


Kitty Nelson

Tea Leaves, Medical intuitive, medium, channel, clairvoyant – Since the young age of 4 the spirits and angels have guided each step, from the laying on of hands to prophetic dreams. This was further ingrained when Mother encouraged meditation classes that would open the doors to psychometry, astral projection, healing awareness, and the metaphysical world with all its wonders, beginning at age 7 and never leaving my side. My first tarot cards were gifted to me for my birthday at age 9, being an integral part of my channeling for more than 40 years. Tasseography, the reading of tea leaves and coffee sediment are but one of the tools in my intuitive basket of goodies. The Norse Tarot speaks loudest to me as the Angels and familial guides, both mine and yours come in bearing gifts, words of encouragement, wisdom, often tinged with a bit of humor. Palmistry is the road map of possibilities, of where you’ve been and what options lay before you.



Joey is a Reiki Master Teacher and Empathic Psychic. While demonstrating his abilities as a Clairsentient, Joey radiates integrity and compassion in all of his work. Some of his tools for psychic readings include Spirit Animal Guides/Totems, Animal Medicine Oracle Deck, Egyptian Tarot, Pendulum, Runes, and Palmistry to enhance his abilities.

Joey’s intention is to help others on their spiritual journey. He specializes in relationships of old or new, career, past lives, life path concerns and business questions. Whether you are looking for a detailed or generalized reading, the answers to your questions will be revealed.



Psychic, Intuitive, Psychometry, Tarot – Francesca has been tuning in to Spirit World for many years and is very gifted in helping clients with their daily issues as well as with loved ones who have crossed over who wish to communicate. She comes from a unique and “gifted” family, being the youngest of five children. Around the age of five, she and her father started playing “who is it” when the phone rang.  She remember going to public places and feeling overwhelmed by emotion, feelings and confusion. She was able to see auras by her 20’s, and feeling people’s energies. Francesca is able to channel the energy of others and receives and relays messages from angels, spirits, past relatives, friends, or just a passing entity.


 Jill Smith

Tarot, Intuitive 


Deborah Line–Dobes

Intuitive Reader – Holds your hands and tunes into you.  Deborah is very intuitive and is able to use her abilities to help you through your situations and crisis.



Rose DeLos Angeles

Tarot – I invite you to come, connect and “Ease your soul” with Soul of a Rose with Rose Healing. I am a spiritual teacher who primary works with angels. I also work with ascended masters, spirit guides and fairies. I can relate messages from these guides for you and connect to realms and other dimensions for help during this lifetime. I also use roses in my healing work which is an important part of my work.



Cards of Dentiny, Numerology, StarGate cards –  P K uses the StarGate cards, which is a different style of divination cards. STAR+GATE is unlike any other divination. It consists of 96 cards: A through L, and 1 through 85. The cards are two sided with a picture side and key word side with symbols. The set also comes with a Sky Spread layout and a Circle of Pattern map that adds information to the reading.  PK also offers readings from the Cards of Destiny system.


Aura Photography

The Aura camera is able to capture all the various colors making up your energy field around your body. The colors and images are then interpreted as to what is going on in your life at this time.


Diane Gremmel 

Psychic, Medium, Pet Communication – Diane has had psychic and mediumistic abilities since childhood and has given readings professionally for nearly 20 years. She is a writer, teacher and is skilled in Numerology and Tarot. Her preferred way of reading is from a purely psychic standpoint, using only the energy she picks up from the client.


Juan Castro –

Healer – Energy Worker Using healing techniques and music, Juan relaxes you and cleanses your aura, senses problems in your body and sends energy to where it is needed. He loosens stress, unblocks energy for release.


marvaMarva Mason 

Astrology, Tarot

Visit Marvas new Metaphysical blog:




Chair Massage, Reiki Master  




Foot Reflexology  – Ramona is one of the most respected foot reflexologist in Houston and has a vast knowledge of the reflexology system, body, essential oils, etc.




rosaleeRosalee McIntosh

Tarot, Psychic, Past Life, Palmistry – Gifted psychic with many talents providing answers and guidance for your current situation. Delves into Past Lives as they affect you today. Rosalee has a unique approach to your everyday concerns. She has over 20 years of multi-faceted training. RosaLee has been guided by St Germaine, working closely with the archangels and ascended masters to share transformational tools and provides personal assistance as a “soul aide: to those souls opening to fulfill their Divine life purpose.


Rozanne –

Psychic, Channeling/Medium, Tarot, Intuitive, Dream Interpretation –     Rozanne brings her expansive knowledge of spiritual work to her readings and counseling. She is able to help you through your challenges by offering insight through her intuitive gifts.   Rozanne has been involved in the spirit world for many years and is especially gifted in channeling your spirit guides which aid her in messages for you as you seek help in your past, current, and upcoming situations.


yvonneYvonne Washington

Psychic, Tarot, Healer, Energy Worker, Channel, Medium – Yvonne uses an endless array of tools as she counsels with you to provide answers for your life – past, present and future. Yvonne is a beautiful soul who reaches into your soul and heart with empathy and “knowing”. Yvonne knows how to dig into the core of your being and is able to provide health information. She is a spiritual counselor, psychic, medium, channeler, healing intuitive, medical intuitive, card reader, energy bodyworker, minister Shaman, Reiki Master, astrologer, numerologist, LMT, mediator Silva, Healing Touch, Tense Touch, Huna, Certified herbalist hypnotist, NCHP, ND candidate.