Saturday, March 2, 2013 Alternative Health & Metaphysical Fair

Alternative Health & Metaphysical Fair – Saturday, March 2, 2013

January 29th, 2013


There will be an Alternative Health & Metaphysical Psychic Fair on Saturday, March 2, 2013, from 10am – 5pm at the La Quinta Hotel – Galleria, located at 1625 W Loop, between San Felipe and Post Oak.



Fairs are regularly held on first Saturday of every month.

Marva’s Alternative Health Fairs

Saturday, March 2, 2013     10am-5pm     1625 W Loop, La Quinta Inn – Galleria

10am – 5pm


Voted “Best Psychic Fair in Houston 2005? by the annual Houston Press Best Of Awards in October, 2005

The La Quinta Inn – Galleria – is located on W. Loop 610, between San Felipe & Post Oak, next to MicroCenter.

(From Loop 610, traveling North from the Galleria, exit at San Felipe – hotel on right, just past Micro Center.

From Loop 610, traveling South from I-10, toward the Galleria, exit at San Felipe, loop back at the San Felipe exit under freeway – hotel on right just past Micro Center)

In addition to regular readers, we will have:

Kelsie  is a psychic specializing in very detailed future predictions and helping people find lost items. Her readings are done from a purely psychic perspective with no props and almost no questions. Kelsie suggest clients bring something with which to record their session like a notebook or sound recorder.


chuck murphy Chuck Murphy (from Dallas) — Psychic and Intuitive readings — Founder of The Spiritual Fitness Center, Author of the “ZERO To Psychic” Development Course, Sr. Minister at Spiritual Journeys of Richardson, and a Veteran of over 6000 Psychic and Medium-ship Sessions … Chuck has over 16 years of experience teaching others to Live in The Flow of Divine Providence and Experience the Love and Guidance of Spirit, those who have crossed and your Angels and Guides … My Goal is to help you realize the true Beauty of your Life and your Unique Place in this Universe …

LAI — psychic, tarot reader, pet psychic

Maureen — Tea Leaf Reader

Deborah Line-Dobes — intuitive

Kathleen Smith (from San Antonio)–  Tarot — Kathleen has  been reading Tarot since she was a kid, and professionally since 1994. My training is based on the medevial style of reading Tarot, considered to be the earliest version of interpreting the cards.   She gives direct, simple readings in order to give you the most usable information from the cards, answering questions with yes-or-no (with explanations as needed), questions regarding timing or probabilities, questions regarding the outcomes of specific situations. You can either tell her the questions in advance, or keep them to yourself, and tell her simply what type of answer you’re looking for, such as yes-or-no, etc., etc.  Kathleen will record your reading digitally and email you the voice recording

Richard Fleece – Astrologer — Tarot – Richard has been a longtime well-known astrologer in Houston and will be available for readings on Saturday, August 4. He incorporates years of his vast esoteric and metaphysical teachings and experience into his readings to aid each client.

Jan — Nerium skin care product.


Rose DeLos AngelesTarot – I invite you to come, connect and “Ease your soul” with Soul of a Rose with Rose Healing. I am a spiritual teacher who primary works with angels. I also work with ascended masters, spirit guides and fairies. I can relate messages from these guides for you and connect to realms and other dimensions for help during this lifetime. I also use roses in my healing work which is an important part of my work.

I have lived several Thousand past lives and can access esoteric information to help eliminate current lifetime issues that have roots from a previous lifetime. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally break the pattern you have been carrying from past lives?

I use rose healing, reiki , flower essences, and crystals, medium/clear channels and angel card readings & divination card readings for:

v Specialized healing for your physical body

v Relaxing, healing your mind to allow you to clear undesirable habits and patterns

v Answers to your questions about romance, money, work and family

v Connecting with those who have past and are in other dimensions

v Helping you create abundance in your life

v Clear and revitalize your energy centers so you can manifest happiness beginning today

Trisha Keel, of Tomorrow’s Key, is one of those people who demands answers to difficult questions. Her endless curiosity and relentless pursuit of knowledge has led her through a uniquely eclectic mix of studies. Trisha has studied energy and environments for years and is Houston’s most highly respected, well-known, and advanced BTB Feng Shui Master.
Certified in Advanced Feng Shui by James and Helen Jay of Feng Shui Designs in California in 1998, Trisha is known for her skills as a “natural born teacher” and is certified as a Master Teacher. Her intuitive awareness of environmental energy is paralleled only by her ability to bring harmony and light to every corner of your life. Devoted to the joy of learning and driven by the delight of serving others, Trisha’s mission is to encourage, enlighten, and empower you to recognize your universal connections, live joyfully, and to achieve your goals.
Visit Trisha at the Psychic Fair to:
> receive a free Fast Feng Shui for Wealth check-up
> receive information about Professional Feng Shui Practitioner Training
> register for the online course The Art of Living Your Life
> schedule your personal or business feng shui consultation
> sign up for 5 Feng Shui Secrets Which Will Change Your Life Forever
> subscribe to Trisha’s free monthly newsletter
> reserve your spot at her next monthly program
> purchase copies of her books Living HeartWise, Adventures in Energy, and Feng Shui and Moon Magic
Trisha provides monthly seminars at Lucia’s Garden on a variety of feng shui topics. She designs, creates, and delivers online training and live seminars to meet the needs of those who seek answers. She provides a rich tapestry of information on her website, (http://www.; free YouTube videos ( trishakeel); an extraordinary blog (http://tomorrowskey.blogspot. com) and Facebook page (, as well as a fun-filled monthly newsletters filled with great informa- tion and tips to make your life easier.
Dr. Trisha Keel is a Holistic Life Coach, an ordained Metaphysical Minister, Feng Shui Master, Author, Teacher, and much more. She is available for on-site and virtual residential and commercial feng shui consultations, energy clearings, and site evaluations. Contact Trisha today at or call 713-952-5429.

Kathy Milazzo & Chris Springer  – Qui Gong energy work and Color Puncture.   Colorpuncture involves focusing colored light on acupuncture (and other) points on the skin in order to energize powerful healing impulses in our physical and energy bodies. Esogetic ColorpunctureTM uses light to heal. Light is subtle in effect, fast moving and penetrates deeply into all the cells of the body.  In a Colorpuncture treatment, frequencies of colored light are focused on the skin using a hand-held acu-light tool  with specially designed, hand-made interchangeable glass rods which emit different colors of light through a focused tip. Each color consists of different wavelength frequencies of light and therefore communicates different energetic information. Treatments include a specific set of points in a sequence using a prescribed pattern of colors. As the light is absorbed by the skin and transmitted along energetic pathways or meridians deep into the body, it stimulates intra-cellular communication which supports healing.

Colorpuncture is also a powerfully holistic healing system which offers a unique new way to get to the very roots of many health problems. It is designed to address the non-physical origins of illness as well as its physical symptoms. Colorpuncture therapy uses precisely targeted light treatments to gently unlock and release emotional trauma and blocked soul information which often underlie our illnesses. Patients report not only changes in their bodies, but improved emotional outlooks and a clearer sense of life direction after treatments.


Paula has been here before and is with us once again, bringing Cranio-Sacral Energy Therapy for our benefit.

Paula is a retired Occupational Therapist, and has Licenses and certifications in the following fields: Massage Therapist, Certified Cranio-Sacral Therapist and class assistant, Master in Transformational Healing, Certified Prana Practioner, and attuned for Reiki I and II, among many other training and certified credentials. She has 35 + years of health practice and Alternative Healing Facilitation.

Paula has been gifted within the realm of Medical Intuitive and is able to connect with the clients’ bodily discomforts and

her clients’ inner physician and healing guides. She attributes her capabilities to Our Higher Power, AA Rafael, and

St. Germain. With their assistance, she is able to facilitate a profound healing experience and relief from pain.

She has developed and practices her own facilitated healing program strategies through incorporating her extensive

training in Cranio-Sacral Therapy and her background in traditional medicine and body work with her vast knowledge of alternative health and whole body wellness bringing this awsome intervention program for us to experience.

Cranio-Sacral Energy Therapy is a non-invasive, subtle, yet very powerful intervention. It is based on the flow of the spinal cord fluid traveling up and down the spinal cord in a rythm that is separate from other bodily functions. Interruptions of this rythm can indicate areas of abnormal function and injury.

Benefits of CST: migraine headaches, sinus problems, TMJ Dysfunction, Neck/Shoulder pain, Chronic Ear Infections,

Low back pain, MyoFascial Release,aids in relaxing rigid scar tissue,profound relaxation

Energetic Cellular Releasingis a guided releasing of cellular blockages and energy holding cysts that will

facilitate muscular and spasm release.

Assists in relaxing rigid adhesions, insufficient function of chakras, Energy Cyst Release, and promotes realignment, restructuring,rebalancing and harmonizing, Body, Mind, Spirit, And Soul.



Intuitive Soul Paintings

During my sojourn on Earth, I have learned that I can look at a picture or hold another persons’ hands and connect with their interests and soul level at that time in their life. I am, then disconnected from present time and am directly tuned into the process of the painting. At that point, I am being directed by the guides and together we create an intuitive Soul Painting. When finished, I can interpret the meaning of the various colors and other shapes or images that occur in the painting. Most of the time, the painting is right on target for what the individual is experiencing in their life. Many times there are messages that come through the painting for encouragement , and other information that only they will understand. I feel blessed and am grateful for this awesome ability.

I became aware of this awesome phenomenon, when I took a beginners class for interpretive painting with Rosie Lazarus in Kemah several years ago. I became fascinated with my skills and practiced as often as I could.


Teri Van Horn — Teri is a certified Karuna, Usui, Tibetan & Crystal Master/Teacher, working with these energies on a daily basis, in addition to teaching & certifying students monthly. She is also a Certified Crystal Healer, Master Herbalist & am an accredited member & teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training, the World Metaphysical Association, the Light & Love Network & Healing International. She is a certified life coach, ordained minister, Doctor of Religious Sciences & AkaDua Master. Currently is receiving certifications in Reading the Akashic Records with Linda Howe, Shamanism with Alberto Villoldo & Color Healing with Alessandra Raye.
AlthoughTeri does all these different things & has an insatiable appetite for learning, her primary focus is healing people & animals (in person or via distance healing), while empowering them in ways that they can begin healing themselves. Her specialites include opening, clearing and working with the chakras, in addition to healing physical ailments & diseases.



Dale Englefield – psychic readings from spirit guides, yours or mine. Dale is a gifted reader who works with spirit guides, the aura, to help you with your issues and dilemmas.


Marilia — from Brazil, does Tarot readings in English, Spanish and other languages.

Jill Smith — Intuitive, Tarot. Jill is new to Houston from the Dallas area but quickly becoming one of the more popular reader due to her expertise in reading the cards with intuition and imparting her vast knowledge working with clients.

In addition to regular readers nd vendors (listed in older posts below), we will also have the following:

Readers and/or Vendors will be:


P K – Numerology, StarGate cards. P K uses the StarGate cards, which is a different style of divination cards. STAR+GATE is unlike any other divination. It consists of 96 cards: A through L, and 1 through 85. The cards are two sided with a picture side and key word side with symbols. The set also comes with a Sky Spread layout and a Circle of Pattern map that adds information to the reading.


Stoneworks by Rocky – Connecting the Divine Through the Mystical Art of Laying-On of Stones. Rocky is a true-born crystalin earthkeeper and a tribal elder. Recognized at an early age for an affinity toward stone and crystal energies, he was granted his name at age 2 by his grandfather. He has pursued a lifelong study of natural magick and the power and functions of gem and mineral energies as applied to the spiritual evolution of the human condition. With a current collection of over 1600 stones and 13 years professional experience, he offers his seervices to spiritual seekers of all light-minded paths.


Regular Readers:

ALLAN PERKINS – Rune Stones When you consult with Allan, you draw Rune Stones which are depictive of what you need to hear and learn at the moment. They are very insightful of your current situation in your life path. Allan has written a series of articles on the Rune Stones published in the Indigo Sun magazine. A truly unique reading with amazing insight.

AURA PHOTOGRAPHY The Aura camera is able to capture all the various colors making up your energy field around your body. The colors and images are then interpreted as to what is going on in your life at this time.

DIANE GREMMELPsychic, Medium, Pet Communication Diane has had psychic and mediumistic abilities since childhood and has given readings professionally for nearly 20 years. She is a writer, teacher and is skilled in Numerology and Tarot. Her preferred way of reading is from a purely psychic standpoint, using only the energy she picks up from the client.

GINGER McCORDTarot, Astrology Ginger is a respected Tarot reader and Astrologer in Houston and uses her vast knowledge to assist you in information to make better choices.

JUAN CASTROHealer, Energy Worker Using healing techniques and music, Juan relaxes you and cleanses your aura, senses problems in your body and sends energy to where it is needed. He loosens stress, unblocks energy for release.

MARVA MASONAstrology, Tarot

OLYMPIAChair Massage, Reiki Master

RAMONA – Foot Reflexology

ROSALEE McINTOSHTarot, Psychic, Past Life, Palmistry Gifted psychic with many talents providing answers and guidance for your current situation. Delves into Past Lives as they affect you today. Rosalee has a unique approach to your everyday concerns. She has over 20 years of multi-faceted training. RosaLee has been guided by St Germaine, working closely with the archangels and ascended masters to share transformational tools and provides personal assistance as a “soul aide: to those souls opening to fulfill their Divine life purpose.

ROZANNE Tarot, Intuitive, Dream Interpretation, Psychic Rozanne brings her expansive knowledge of spiritual work to her readings and counseling. She is able to help you through your challenges by offering insight through her intuitive gifts.

SILVERPsychometry Silver uses psychometry, which is holding a piece of your jewelry, or your hand, as she tunes into your current situation to provide guidance and insight.

YVONNE WASHINGTONPsychic, Tarot, Healer, Energy Worker, Channel, Medium Yvonne uses an endless array of tools as she counsels with you toprovide answers for your life – past, present and future. Yvonne is a beautiful soul who reaches into your soul and heart with empathy and “knowing”. Yvonne knows how to dig into the core of your being and is able to provide health information. She is a spiritual counselor, psychic, medium, channeler, healing intuitive, medical intuitive, card reader, energy bodyworker, minister Shaman, Reiki Master, astrologer, numerologist, LMT, mediator Silva, Healing Touch, Tense Touch, Huna, Certified herbalist hypnotist, NCHP, ND candidate.



Metaphysician Grant Gudmundson will be returning to the Houston area in late March and will be available for readings at the fair in April, as well as private readings the week before and week following the fair


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